What’s the difference between our Alamo Heights boot camp and all the others out there? We deliver real results – not empty promises!

That’s not the only reason why our Alamo Heights boot camp is the industry leader and has personal training programs that really work.  Another reason is the fact that we hire certified personal trainers instead someone off the street who has no clue about personal fitness training.  Unlike the other Alamo Heights boot camps out there, we care more about your success at achieving your fitness and weight loss goals.  Our trainers are not here to just sell memberships and earn a commission check.

It’s a harsh reality, but most of the other fitness boot camps here in Texas are giving the entire industry a bad name because of how they lie to people or trick them into signing up for one of their Alamo Heights boot camp programs.  Instead of results, all these fitness boot camps deliver are empty promises.  Granted, you may leave one of those programs and feel like you have gotten the results you were promised, but we’d be willing to bet that those results were only temporary at best.  Why else would you be reading about our Alamo Heights boot camp if you had not gained all that weight back (or maybe even more)?

Our personal trainers not only show you how 3 intense workout sessions per week will bring noticeable results, their going to teach you how to keep that extra weight off permanently!

But if you want to benefit from our Alamo Heights boot camp programs, you have to bring 3 things to the table when you are working out with one of our certified fitness boot camp personal trainers.  It takes your dedication, your desire, and your determination to succeed and get back into shape.  Your personal trainer will not only keep you accountable so that you don’t miss your 3 weekly workout sessions, they’re going to motivate you by pushing you to exceed all then limits you achieved in the past.

At the same time, they are going to customize a diet and exercise regimen which is going to help you maintain your new, healthier lifestyle and keep the weight off permanently.  Best of all, you’ll be able to have a life outside our Alamo Heights boot camp because we know that you have obligations to your family and your job.  It’s really pretty simple and not rocket science.  You’re going to be surprised when you see how simple these exercises are yet how quickly you start seeing results.



Get signed up to TODAY and you will start improving your quality of life and have better self esteem when you see how great you look and how terrific you feel!

It doesn’t take a lot of thinking.  Either you value your health and want to invest in it or you don’t.  It’s that easy.  So what are you waiting for?

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