We’re not here to sell you a membership to one of our Alamo Heights personal trainer programs. We’re here to sell you on the results we guarantee!

We already know what you’re thinking – “oh sure this is just some more advertising hype from one of those Alamo Heights personal training programs that use wannabe personal trainers who are only there to sell me a membership.”  We can assure you that you are completely wrong.  When we developed our Alamo Heights personal trainer programs, we wanted to provide our clients with a few things that other fitness and weight loss centers have failed to do for the members of that facility.

  • We wanted to develop a an AlamoHeights personal training program that allowed our clients to achieve their goals with only three intense workout sessions per week
  • We wanted to develop diet and exercise programs that helped our clients achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, and help them keep the weight off permanently
  • We wanted to develop a workout program that was exciting and even fun so that no one got discouraged and quit
  • Most importantly, we committed ourselves to your success

Now you can take part in an Alamo Heights personal training program that even guarantees the results we advertise when you sign up at our Texas fitness and weight loss center.  Best of all, it only takes 3 intense yet exciting workout sessions each week, meaning that you can have a life outside our facility.  We know how many people have endured the torture of working out for hours at a time without seeing results while having to follow a “cardboard” diet at the same time in order to lose weight.

And what did you really accomplish? All you did was perpetuate that vicious cycle of losing the weight and then gaining it all back.  We’d be willing to bet that sometimes you even gained more weight than what you lost with that other Alamo Heights personal training program because you didn’t get hooked up with a real personal trainer.  Instead, they just stuck you with one of their clipboard toting wannabe trainers who was only there to fatten their paychecks by selling more memberships.

Most of those other AlamoHeights personal training centers were only out for one thing – YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY!

They didn’t hire certified professionals who were educated and skilled at personal training like we did when we developed our programs.  So their members had no chance to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals from the very beginning.  What they were doing was counting on or hoping for two things to happen.  First, they were counting on whoever they could sucker in to signing up would just quit the program in a month or two.  Secondly, they were hoping that you didn’t read the fine print on their contract.  It’s time to see how a real Alamo Heights personal training operates.



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