If you’ve been thinking about signing up at some other San Antonio gym, you better read the important information we have listed below so you don’t get lied to or tricked!

We feel that it’s only fair for people who want to get started at a San Antonio gym losing weight and getting healthy again know the truth about some of those other Texas gyms out there.  They will stop at nothing to sign you up for a membership and do a lot of underhanded things in the process such as lie to you or trick you into signing up at their San Antonio gym.

Here’s what we are talking about.  We like to call it the "shocking truth about most of the other Texas gyms" out there:

  • Most of the other San Antonio gyms out there are not healthy environments because they are crawling with infectious bacteria!
  • Those other gyms start hoping you quit working out after only a couple of months or less the minute you have signed up.
  • Those other San Antonio gyms are hoping that you don’t read the fine print in that membership contract you sign.
  • Those so-called personal trainers don’t realize that proper nutrition and working out are the key to getting fit and healthy.
  • As a result, most of their San Antonio gym club members aren’t taught about the right combination of diet and exercise so that they lose the weight and keep it off permanently.
  • A lot of members at other those other Texas gyms still look the same as they did when they started their program 6 months ago (or even longer).

So the bottom line is that if you have been considering signing up at another San Antonio gym, you best think about what you just read.  We’re exposing those other fitness and weight loss clubs all the time and that is exactly why they bad-mouth us and hate our facility and programs.  But so what? You know the old expression – the truth always hurts.  Besides that, we are not committed to winning a popularity contest.  We’re committed to seeing that you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.



We know the only way a person can fail with one of our Texas gym programs is get discouraged, give up, and quit.

Well guess what? Your San Antonio gym personal trainer is not going to let that happen.  They will keep you accountable so that you never miss one of your workout sessions and they will motivate you to achieve fitness and weight loss goals that you probably didn’t think was possible.  Additionally, they’re going to teach you how the proper mix of diet and exercise will enable you to keep that weight off permanently.

And don’t forget about that killer body that you’re going to have.  You’ll love the way you look in the mirror, you won’t need to wear larger sized clothing to hide your body, and you’re going to be so much healthier.

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