Before you decide to sign up at one of those other San Antonio health clubs, you need to read about their dirty secrets and how they lie to people to get them to sign up!

As the best San Antonio health club personal trainers, we know about the lies, the secrets, the tricks, and even the underhanded tactics that these other San Antonio health clubs have pulled on other people in order to get their money and sign them up for one of their programs.  We also know that the majority of the fitness and weight loss trainers out there aren’t even real personal trainers at all.  In fact, most of them are just average individuals that don’t have a clue about fitness and weight loss training.  They were only hired to carry a clipboard (as if they were someone important) and just keep selling memberships.

Before you sign up at one of those other San Antonio health clubs, you need to read the following information that those other health clubs don’t want you to know:

Once they have signed you up and gotten your money, they’re going to hope that you quit working out after only a month or so.  In fact, they probably bet against any of their clients completing their San Antonio health club program.

A lot of those other San Antonio health clubs are anything but healthy!  We’ve heard the horror stories from current members who contracted some kind of bacterial infection because that San Antonio health club was literally crawling with bacteria.

Those other Texas health clubs are hoping you don’t read their membership contract.  They’re especially hoping that you don’t read the fine print because that’s where all the “catches” are.

They don’t realize that losing weight and getting fit is not just about exercising.  It takes the proper combination of diet and exercise to achieve your goals, which your health club fitness trainer will teach you.  Additionally, you’ll learn how to maintain your new, healthier lifestyle and keep the weight off permanently.

A lot of the members that we have seen at some of the other San Antonio health clubs look the same today as when they started 6 months ago or even longer.

Most of those other health club members haven’t been properly taught about diet and exercise.  Those so-called personal trainers at that other San Antonio health club never taught the right exercise and form, or that a nutritional diet was just as important because they had no clue what they were doing in the first place.

The sad part about all of the above is that these health clubs are giving the entire Texas fitness and weight loss industry a bad rap.  We’re here to change minds and guarantee results!  And that is exactly what we’ve been doing at our San Antonio health club for years now.  We want you to start investing in your fitness and health again.  So what are you waiting for?



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